Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There are many things involving the ego, the basics are crucial.
-Everything is a probability wave, but do not focus on its uncertainty for your mind is very concrete now and does not now want an end.
-You may confuse death with physicality. It is important to understand that death is not.
-Life is a decision that the mind has made and explains left over remnants of minds that have not chosen otherwise (death), ghosts are examples of the mind's unwillingness to let go.
-You are the soul, there is no separation between you and your soul, you are the soul.
-Soul is infinite and eternal, you are the universe becoming aware of itself.
-Ego enforces separation repeatedly without discrimination, everything is separate to ego.
-Ego is volatile towards "others" and its host.
-Soul is in communication with god at all times, ego does not permit this and fights through making clutter and noise throughout the mind.
-Soul is the space that is aware of the thoughts of ego.
-Soul is the natural state of the human organism.
-Often times, ego fears change since its first experience with change was in form of "separation" from god.
-Ego is very unstable, its takes many forms, this is explained by the wide variety of identities.
-Perception and opinion are meaningless in the presence of truth.
-Ego must defend its perception and opinion.
-Truth need no defense.

--These are important to know, knowledge being of the soul and perfect.
--What you perceive is impossible to know because perception is incomplete.
--The present is all that exists, do not invite ego to put a veil into your sight.

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